Time for Boehner to Go

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R) is facing his re-election to the Speaker of House in just two days. John Beohner has preceded over massive increases in debt, increases in taxes, and increases in the size of government. The House leadership team of John Beohner, Eric Cantor, and Kevin McCarthy call themselves conservatives, talk about spending cuts, pledge to oppose taxes, and pretend to work on eliminating wasteful spending.  However, when the rubber meets the road they always find excuses to increase our debt, increase our spending, and increase taxes.

All we hear are excuses –

  • We are making Obama take responsibility – or in other words – we are too big of cowards to follow our constitutional requirement.
  • We’ll get the spending cuts at a later undefined date
  • It’s the Tea Party’s fault

Neither party respects the constitutional requirement that spending bills originate in the House of Representatives. But just because they don’t follow the constitution doesn’t mean that John Beohner should not be held responsible for the debt, taxes, and increase in the size of government. It is his constitutional responsibility even if he does not want to take it.

Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy all have insulted conservatives and have thrown patriotic Americans out of key positions in government – and now it is time they go. After all, could it get much worse? If we wanted big increases in the debt limit, increases in taxes, increases in spending and to be constantly lied to about spending cuts … we could just vote for Democrats.

Here is how Republicans and Democrats have rigged the economic game in Washington. The Gross Domestic Product is a measure of Private Sector spending + Government Sector spending. President Obama has figured out how simple it is to show a growing economy – just increase spending. Normally excess spending results in high inflation. However, the inflation numbers have also been rigged (see article here). The rigged inflation percentage is subtracted from the GDP growth. Thus, Obama can show economic growth and still claim low inflation – simply by growing the debt. The US economy has not exited the recession since 2005 when real inflation numbers are used.

  • Gino Castillo

    Thank you for the insight. I guess all we can do is hope and pray that he will make the right choices for his next term.