A marriage contract may be terminated for reasons of abuse, abandonment, and infidelity.

Physical abuse usually perpetrated by the husband is a direct violation of one of the key responsibilities of a husband’s role as protector.  The grand bargain of marriage is that a mother risks her life in child birth and in return a father is obligated to defend his family up to, and including, giving his life. When a father turns himself into a physical threat to his wife and children there is no greater violation of the marriage contract.

Abandonment often results from one spouse becoming an alcoholic or drug addict. When either spouse has reached such a condition through choice or addiction that their condition seriously threatens the long-term physical, economic, and emotional well-being of the other spouse and children the termination of the marriage contract is allowed.

Infidelity is violation of the marriage contract. When a spouse cheats there is risk that a child may result with another partner. Thus the physical, economic, and emotional security of the family is threatened because the cheating spouse cannot be fully committed with their time and finances to the family and marriage while attending to the needs of a separate woman and child. Open marriages and all other forms of Western relational perversion are essentially anti-child and anti-woman.

Sham Marriages

A sham marriage is often an arrangement between a man and woman for the purpose of making immigration easier. On 7 Jan 2010 BBC reported on an investigation about sham marriages around London and found the price of bride to be around 20,000 pounds. One sham married couple was exposed because neither spoke the other’s language. Ironically the article talks about marriages being true “love” matches, but who can judge what true love is?

“Registrars at Brent Council in north London suggested in 2005 that a fifth of all marriages there were bogus, with officials able to spot couples who barely knew each other.” – BBC

As Western society has drifted away from traditional marriage and made divorce easy, opportunities for human trafficking have opened up. Marriage is easy, divorce is cheap, and true love is hard to define so what is to stop people from using sham marriages to get around immigration law?

Clearly two people who do not speak the same language cannot easily enter into a contractual relationship as a mother and father need to be able to communicate to raise children.

Two random people attempting to engage in a sham marriage need to bring mutual friends and relatives to witness a covenant marriage.  These sham marriages do not often meet these requirements and so a covenant relationship could not go forward.  If the scam was pulled off to such a level where multiple witnesses were gathered then more people would need to be paid off, more evidence would be generated, and the sham marriage would be more easily discovered and fewer would occur.

In summary, marriage is contract. The contract protects the man, the woman, and their future children. Any weakening or perversion of the contract results in broken families, child abuse, crime and economic problems.

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