Drake’s Bay Oyster

DrakesbayLocal Drake’s Bay Oyster company is to be closed for environmental reasons!

Here is a nearby business under attack by wacko environmentalists, Sylvia Earle, and their powerful filthy rich allies in Washington DC.

Drake’s Bay Oysters

Please watch their 7 min video. If you like Oysters, consider buying Drake’s Bay while you can …

Wacky Environmentalists have their shtick down perfectly as they talk about nature in glowing terms. Drakes Bay is a perfect example. Here is what one wacko says  “Protecting Drakes Estero, America’s only West Coast marine wilderness park, will restore health – and hope – for the ocean and for the interests of all of the people of this country,” said oceanographer Sylvia Earle. (quoted from the Huffington Post)

Let’s cut the nonsense and look at what Sylvia Earle is really saying. What she is really saying is: “I don’t give a damn about 30 people and their livelihood – screw their lives, screws their children’s live, screw them. I don’t give a damn about the science that oysters are filter feeders that make “Drakes Estero” cleaner and more beautiful. I don’t give a damn that the water will now be muddier with less life as the real environmentalist reports state.I don’t give a damn about the 30 people who are already passionate about water quality for their oysters and the beauty of the local environment. My anti-mankind religion trumps all.” And yes, it is a religion. Just Google “Sylvia Earle” and observe where her books and videos are sold – atheist and humanist websites.

So who is Sylvia Earle? She is an oceanographer who has sucked off the American taxpayer and Chinese debt for the majority of her adult life as she jumps from one highly compensated taxpayer funded job to the next. Apparently she either has no compassion or is just ignorant of the consequence of destroying the human habitat for 30 people. It is time that people like her go find a real line of work and learn about the damage they have caused this country’s economy and environment. Married three times and currently separated, Sylvia appears to be the typical “humanist atheist.”  How much human suffering and wasted tax payer money could have been avoided if she had sought God early in her life?

Of course what’s another 30 people on unemployment ? :-(

Is Drake’s Bay company conservative, Republican, etc.?  Answer: No.


  • aPLWBinAK

    Another well written story, and one that also strikes a nerve…..as a third generation timber faller, I’ve been witness to these pagan, athiestic dirt worshippers waging their war of against the human race all my life. They decimated the timber industry down in the Pacific N.W. by using the poor spotted owl as their ’cause of convenience’. They claimed that each breeding pair had to have, at a minimum, 2,000 acres of undisturbed forest to successfully breed and maintain the species. After severely curtailing the timber industry, at untold human loss, the (reported by them) population of the spotted owl continued to decline. Now that their battle has been won, and they’ve succeeded in locking up massive tracts away from harvest….they finally admit that ” oh yeah, heh heh…it seems that the population decline was due to another, larger species of owl eating the spotted owl….not a trace of remorse or apology of course, they core nothing for the human cost. Now, up here in Alaska, we see the Feds blatantly lying and creating data to shut down any development, again against the face of any human benefit from said development….. http://dailycaller.com/2013/03/02/new-epa-chief-must-end-political-attacks-on-pebble-mine/

    • http://www.theamericanengineer.com/ Charity

      Yeah my dad talks about what happened with loggers in Washington all the time. He actually lived up there at the time and got to see the effect 1st hand. How the community completely deteriorated and suicides and drug use skyrocketed. I know he’s talked about it in a speech before and I think he’s written about it but I can’t seem to find it. BTW where in Alaska are you? I have a cousin really involved in state politics up there.

      • aPLWBinAK

        You have a cousin in politics up here? I don’t watch TV, but I know there’s a MacDonaId who is an anchorman in Anchorage, but he’s from Canada. I live in Wasilla, for about 12 years now. My family’s from Wa, but we moved to S.E. Ak in ’66 ( I was a tot then), and went back to Wa in ’73. I came back by myself 20 years later in ’93( and will never leave). Since I came back I’ve spent 2 summers falling timber in Cordova in ’95 and ’96…that was the last of my falling days. Then I worked for a Timber managment company for a few years…..5 winters in Fairbanks, with the summers in Juneau, Hobart Bay (back and forth ‘tween those 2) and ended in Homer, but I went to a few more places working for them…supervising the loading of log ships and such. I moved to Wasilla in 2001, and started a Tree Service and Landclearing thing…pretty much a one man thing most of the time. I love you and your Dad’s site….I see where you inherited your writing ability…your ‘constitutional opthamologist couldn’t make then see’ comment was the best comment I saw all day….I laughed when I saw it :-)

        • http://www.theamericanengineer.com/ Charity

          Haha thanks! I had to look up how to spell that. Yeah my cousin Daniel McDonald is the main press guy for the Senate Majority. He’s been in Anchorage mostly because he went to college there but is in Juneau now to work the session. If you follow state politics you’ll probably see him pop up here an there. He’s a really cool guy. Very very intelligent. I’m hoping to visit him sometime in the next year.

          • aPLWBinAK

            I don’t watch TV, so haven’t seen your cousin, and while I get the ADN (anchorage daily news) for my comics and NYT crossword puzzle fix, I don’t read much of it’s content because it is so Communistic. Most of my news of local politics I gather in snatches from AM talk radio…..your cousin probably knows who Rick Rydel and Dave Stieren(sp?) are, and some I get from a local website called the Anchorage Daily Planet. But I’ll start keeping an eye out for his name. Have you ever been to Alaska before, or will your visit be the first?

          • http://www.theamericanengineer.com/ Charity

            Yeah he’s been on Dave Stieren’s show and knows him pretty well. It would be my first time!