Environmental High Priest Al Gore sells out

Most elite environmentalists are documented major global warming hypocrites due to the fact they fly in private jets to global warming conferences, get into Prius’ for photo shoots, and live in massive mansions with massive energy footprints. We mentioned Sheryl Crow’s call to use a single square of toilet paper to combat global warming and compared that to her massive $16M wood palace. But when the self-appointed High Priest of Environmentalism sells out, it should make major headlines. Not so with Al Gore.

Al Gore sold his Current TV channel to Qatar via Al Jazeera and pocketed close to $100M in the process.  Seriously, how many ways can this be screwed up?  

Qatar exports ~1.4M barrels of oil per day! Virtually all of their cash comes from oil and natural gas. So in other words, the  High Priest of Global Warming Al Gore earned $100M in money from OIL. Now I know many environmentalists are nice well-meaning people, but just because you are nice and well meaning doesn’t mean the consequences of what you believe result in nice things happening.  Stop and think for a moment … The Pope of Global Warming was just caught taking $100M from the “devil of global warming!” What does that tell you about your environmental religion? If the Pope of your religion is selling out, then why are you taking showers with a trickle of water? Why are you banned from a plastic bag for your groceries? Why are you paying high taxes to subsidize High Priest Al Gore’s green investments?

What’s next? Is Ahmadinejad going to be discovered holding a Christian women’s Bible study?

However, for those of you true believers out there, Al Gore is ready with his next book for you to buy LOLOL!!!  :-)  Oh my goodness, I wish I was joking! The book has glowing reviews. The title is “The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change”.  I’ve included the link to Amazon so the fool that feels inclined can be easily parted with their money.  It is no wonder why the liberal 1% elites view us with such contempt.


  • aPLWBinAK

    OwlGore is a liar, a fraud, a huckster,and a charlatan…and those are his good points. I’ve long said that he had been around 150 years ago….he would have been one those traveling salesman with a horse-drawn covered wagon, traveling from town to town, wearing a suit with tails and tophat, peddling his ‘special elixer’, concocted of sarsparilla, moonshine, gunpowder, and a little valium.

    • http://www.facebook.com/john.o.mcdonald John Othniel McDonald

      It amuses and surprises me that this man still is able to be treated credibly. Being a wacko liberal means you can be as weird and perverted as you want to be and still have a career as a mainstream spokesperson.

      • aPLWBinAK

        His continued relevance and financial success is a testiment to the downward spiral of our society…the misplaced values of hedonist paganism, and the dumbing down of our education system. It brings to mind an older logger friend who while riding to work in a crummy, told the rest of the guys “there has throughout history always been thieves, cut-purses, charlatans, and grifters, but what is scary nowdays………is the suckers!”