Faith vs. Atheism II

 “Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings” -Famous Atheist Richard Dawkins

Dawkins statement is another take on the “Big Killer Religion” lie.  How may times have you heard “more people have been killed in the name of religion or God” as compared to any other reason?  Google has 75M pages  hits on that phrase and 8 different search suggestions. Substitute God for Atheism and the Google page hits drop to 4M and no search suggestions.

Check out the top 16 worst atrocities by annual killing rate of their own citizens since 1900. It is hard to imagine 8% of a population being killed each year. Yet that was Cambodia only 34 years ago. A good high school friend was a child who escaped the killing fields. Some of this data is out-of-date as I took it from a book written a while ago. By the way, the author was making the point that Democracies are safer than Totalitarian governments.  I added the religion of the totalitarian leader or of the leadership group to his chart.

Regime Year Start Year End Duration Government Type Religion of Leader Annual Rate Domestic Democide Midperiod Population
Cambodia (Khmer Rouge) 1975 1979 3.83 Communist Atheist 8.16% 2000000 6399000
Turkey (Ataturk) 1919 1923 4.08 Authoritarian Atheist 2.65% 703000 6500000
Yugoslavia (Croatia) 1941 1945 4.17 Communist Atheist 2.51% 655000 6250000
Poland (Post-WW II) 1945 1948 3.33 Communist Atheist 1.99% 1585000 23930000
China (Great Leap Forward) 1958 1961 4.00 Communist Atheist 1.22% 38000000 660000000
Turkey (Young Turks) 1909 1918 9.17 Authoritarian Secular 0.96% 1752000 20000000
Czechoslovakia (Post-WW II) 1945 1948 2.83 Communist Atheist 0.54% 197000 12916000
Mexico 1900 1920 21 Authoritarian Catholic 0.45% 1417000 15000000
USSR 1917 1987 71 Communist Atheist 0.42% 54769000 184750000
Cambodia (Samrin) 1979 1987 8.92 Communist Atheist 0.40% 230000 6478000
Uganda (Amin) 1971 1979 8.33 Authoritarian Islam 0.31% 300000 11550000
Angola 1975 1987 12.17 Communist Atheist 0.30% 125000 3400000
Romania (Carol/Michael) 1938 1948 10.08 Communist Atheist 0.30% 484000 16271000
North Korea 1948 1987 39.33 Communist Atheist 0.25% 1293000 13140000
Uganda (Post Amin) 1979 1987 8.75 Communist Atheist 0.20% 255000 14300000
Mongolia 1926 1987 61.17 Communist Atheist 0.19% 100000 873000

Atheists are just a small percentage of the world’s population. Do you think it is just coincidence they dominate the worst atrocities lists?  Nazi Germany would be on the list except they spread their (20+M) atrocities over many countries and this list is limited to Democide (Governments killing their own citizens).  Here is a list of the Nazi non-battle death count.  The Tutsi/Hutu Rwanda genocide would be added to this list if it was updated.

If the list correlated to the random human population, then Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and secular governments should dominate the atrocity list.

The following is an example of just how exposed we are to anti-religion propaganda. Every school child in the USA is taught about the 1692 Salem Witch Trials where twenty-five citizens of the Massachusetts colony were judicially killed and perhaps 150 were put on trial accused of being witches. Any information a student has forgotten on the Salem Witch Trials can be quickly accessed on his or her iPhone5 through a full multimedia website from National Geographic, twenty-eight published books, world class museums, and over one million Google searchable web pages. There is no theistic defense or rationalization for the Salem Witch Trials. Even though it happened 320 years ago, it still gets the full atheistic historical paparazzi treatment.

Now contrast the Salem black eye where religion was taken to fanatical extremes vs. the Holodomor. The Holodomor was when millions died at the hands of atheist ideology less than 100 years ago. The Great Leap Forward was when 38M+ Chinese who died about 50 years ago.  US students aren’t taught about these events.  Only if a 9/11 happens every day for the next 100 years would religion catch up with atheism in body count ! Repeat after me “Religion kills more people, religion kills more people, religion kills more people…”