Faith vs. Atheism

I just read an article on Richard Dawkins, atheist magical superstar, for the umpteenth time – uggh. Atheists are a rather silly lot. On one hand they proclaim a rigid adherence to “science,” yet on the other their core belief is so obviously unscientific. Allow me to explain Faith and Atheist real fast and real simple.

There is a universe. Matter, Energy, and Information don’t pop of thin air. Therefore something had to have created all of what we experience. Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc. call that “something” God. Thus Genesis 1:1 states “In the beginning God created … .” God cannot be explained because God, by definition, is the answer to the question of what started it all. So asking the question “Who/What created God” is circular. The answer is God. God is the self-existent one. Faith is a belief in that Creator God that we cannot see and cannot understand.

People of faith are simply people who acknowledge they cannot comprehend the Creator but acknowledge God’s existence because they refuse to believe in magically created matter and energy. Faith is not only compatible with science, faith is the bedrock of Science. At the end of the day, ALL science, logic, math, etc. starts with a set of first principles that must be accepted in faith. This is not opinion – it is fact and Godel (buddy of Einstein)  proved it in his AWESOME incompleteness theorems.

So to me, an Atheist is just someone who believes in magic; that Matter, Energy, and Information can pop out of thin air. The natural laws confirm that matter and energy do not pop out of thin air. Thus atheism is scientifically wrong. Hard core atheists understand that matter, energy, and information must be spontaneously generated in order for atheism to be true. So major scientists, who happen to be atheist big shots like Sir Fred Hoyle, tried to come up with theories that matter and energy can pop out of thin air in a grand cosmic magic show. The result was they were horribly embarrassed by a couple of guys from Bell Labs, Penzais and Wilson. These atheists held such sway in the science community that these folks mocked and delayed research in the Big Bang Theory for decades. In fact, even the guys from Bell Labs were uncomfortable about publishing their results – such was the sway of the arrogant atheistic pricks in the respectable science community. That is something they don’t teach you in public school – atheist being wildly wrong.  Even the term, “The Big Bang” was an insulting term given to this theory that has stood the test of time by atheists!

Hoyle’s spontaneous matter generation theories went the same way as the atheist spontaneous life generation critics of Dr. Louis Pasteur. Yes, atheists were wildly wrong back in the day, another fact you won’t learn in public school. In fact I own an ancient book of those atheist attacking Dr. Pasteur. Aren’t we all glad that atheist did not win and now we have a high quality pure food supply? But being an atheist means being able to be wrong time and again. So today, modern atheists have come up with numerous alternative theories about how a universe can magically pop into existence. They are all wrong AGAIN. How do I know that? Well let’s test it scientifically with direct observation.

The test: Define 1 cubic mile of deep space where there is as close to a vacuum as possible and then observe it for 1 year. After 1 year, we can confidently say that 1 cubic mile of space for 1 year does not produce excess matter.

Then: We take 15 Billion cubic miles of deep space and observe all 15 Billion cubic miles. If no matter pops into existence in 1 year, then we can confidently say that 1 cubic mile of space for 15B years does not produce excess matter. Since the universe is 15B years old and we can now have high confidence that the universe did not magically appear as atheist would have us believe.

We use this type of parallel testing all the time in industry. When we test products we do not wait for the entire life of a product to determine if products will last 10 years or not. Instead, we fast age them and do lots of products in parallel to gain a “high level of confidence” that a product will last for it’s designed lifetime. There is an entire science of statistics that go into failure prediction and confidence. Most products we use today comply with industry standards that rely on these types of statistics.

This is just one test that proves with statistics that atheists are incoherent magic believers. There are many more science experiments and logical proofs that prove matter, energy, time, and information are not magical. It is a bit tiresome that after a couple of centuries of explosive growth in knowledge, there are still atheists loudly proclaiming that they know there is no God and that everything we see exists by magic.