Jackie Chan, Psi, Lang Lang and the Obama’s

jackiechanAmerica is not a perfect country, but we’ve been a pretty damn good country. Western Culture, and America in particular, have led the world into a prosperity and innovation cycle unmatched at anytime in human history. Our Western ideas of free markets, free expression, and the rule of law have helped lift billions out of grinding poverty.  Unfortunately, there is a virulent Anti-Americanism that is spreading in this country and abroad. When I was at the University of Washington one of my history professor was an Anti-American.  He taught us a historically inaccurate version of WWII history. It was a  history that consisted of the Japanese internment on the West Coast, how American hegemony basically forced Japan into a war with us, how we didn’t do enough to help the Soviet Union, how we ignored the reports of concentration camps, and then the evil of nuking two Japanese cities. Those events were what WWII meant to him.

Part of the Left believes that America is evil because we have had a free market. They also believe that free markets are intrinsically evil. As a result, they make up nonsense about our country and highlight minor negatives in an effort to “fundamentally change it.”  If we don’t change, then they seek to harm America with the hope of limiting our damage on the world and environment. I’d include folks like Noam Chomsky, Edward Abbey, etc. in that category. Another part of the Left believes that highlighting our failures makes our country stronger and exclude pointing out the positives. President Obama is a composite of the Left. He was raised and mentored in the anti-colonial “America is evil” crowd where he his core beliefs were formed. He speaks like a leftist professor highlighting the failures of America. The President offers free crap as a populist and panders to the unions for money and election workers.

While acknowledging failure is good, it is not good when a balanced viewpoint is not presented. Many American students are only taught about the corruption and the evil of our ancestors and history. Our enemies use these comments as justification to kill Americans, boycott our products, and engage in unfair trade all while feeling moral Superior. This Anti-Americanism is very dangerous. I see the negative consequences of Left’s behavior as I travel the globe.

  • Jackie Chan, a great lovable Hong Kong actor, recently went on an Anti-American rant calling America the “most corrupt nation on earth.” It is common when travelling to China to hear from Chinese about how badly their race and country has been abused by foreigners.
  • Korean Psi, of Gangnam Style fame, said ” Kill those f–ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives and those who ordered them to torture,” and going on to say, “Kill them all slowly and painfully,” as well as “daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers.” It is common to read in the Korean Press how the US is attempting to kill Koreans with contaminated beef and every crime. Every mistake by the one of the tens of thousands of US troops protecting South Korea becomes headline news. To his credit, Psi recently apologized for his comments.
  • Lang Lang, a Chinese Pianist,  played an Anti-American tune at the White House in front of President Obama that refers to Americans as “jackels.” The piece also included how the real goal of the Korean War was to take over China. The song was supposed to be a major insult to America and be extra funny because Americans wouldn’t understand and just stupidly clap. Apparently, Lang Lang didn’t understand that President Truman fired one of the most popular WWII Generals to ensure their would be no expansion of the Korean War into China.

Unfortunately, the views expressed by these famous people are not isolated. Their views are very mainstream in their countries and US Universities. Let’s look at the real history –

China has taken A LOT of abuse in the past 100 years. The worst atrocities against the Chinese people was at the hands of their own communist government. Over 80 million Chinese were killed in Mao’s Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward. I wonder if Jackie Chan or Lang Lang will discuss this? Chairman Mao forced Chinese peasants to smelt iron in their homes instead of farming. The resulting famine killed millions. China also supported the Khmar Rouge in Cambodia which killed 8% of their population PER YEAR for 3 years! If you think 9/11 was bad, imagine if 80,000,000 Americans were killed in 3 years! That is the equivalent of what happened in Cambodia. China politically supported Cambodia and funded and supplied arms to them in them in the 1970’s. China is the political support behind North Korea  which is currently the world’s most repressive regime. China took over Tibet in their own imperialism and it only takes a quick Youtube search to find videos of Chinese soldiers shooting unarmed Tibetians. (note: the Government of China agreed with this shooting and this was not just a few Chinese acting badly).

China complains about colonialism and for good reasons. The fascist Japanese military greatly abused China over the initial objection of the Japanese civilian Government. American Missionaries reported on Jan 28, 1938 that the Japanese had slaughtered 20,000 and committed unspeakable atrocities. Ironically, the Chinese communists, who rightly point to Nanking as a horrible Japanese aggression, slaughtered Christian Missionaries who brought the event to the Global press. The term the “rape of Nanking”  was used in an American paper in May 1938. The US press at the time was very pro-China and very sympathetic to their plight. By 1958, the Western Press used the figure of 200,000 killed in the 1937 Nanking massacre. I wonder if Jackie Chan or Lang Lang will discuss this part of China’s history?

300px-Flying_Tigers_personnelMaybe Jackie Chan and Lang Lang should read about the American Flying Tigers. The Flying Tigers were a group of American Volunteers who went to China and fought IN the Chinese air force against the Japanese Air Force before their attack on Pearl Harbor. The Flying Tigers shot down 299 Japanese planes with another 153 destroyed. They provided critical air cover that allowed Western arms to continue to flow to the Chinese armed forces so they could continue to fight on against the Japanese. Thankfully as China moves away from the evil of communism, they have begun to recognize the sacrifices of some Americans. Lets hope Jackie Chan and Lang Lang also learn a more balanced history.

Here is an example of just how wide the divide between the Left and the Right is in terms of Anti-Americanism. Today, many Democrats appear to be apathetic or even embarrassed to associate themselves with the US. When I was running for Congress and handing out flyers just before Memorial Day, the homes with flags were registered 10:1 Republican vs. Democrat. One of my flyers was targeted at Republicans and it became very easy to match voter list address to home simply by finding a flag. Mrs. Obama really captured the feeling on video that so many Democrats have to toward America when she stated after the election of her husband “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country,” because it wants to change. Judging from this comment which she made many times, she was not proud when she learned about my white relatives laying down their lives to oppose slavery. It is true that there were 400,000 slave owners in America. But there were also 360,222 Union soldiers deaths and about 98% of the deaths were white people. Three of those who died in combat were my relatives fighting for black freedom. My ggg grandfather’s regiment wrote an anti-slavery letter that explained why they fought. After that letter, about 1/3 of his regiment was injured or killed and my ggg grandfather Howard Kann was wounded.  He was a volunteer.  Mrs. Obama wasn’t proud of this sacrifice apparently, or perhaps she is just so ignorant of history that all she knows is white racism and slavery.For every white slave owner, there was nearly one white solider who died in the effort to free the slave. A balanced viewpoint of history is important.

On one hand, I feel like ripping into Mrs. Obama for her comments. But on the other hand, President Obama and Michelle are a product of the most radical part of the Anti-American public school system. They were brainwashed at a young age about all the evils of America. It is just sad and more worrisome and over time, anti-Americanism is very dangerous.