Marriage, the State, and the Church | Part 1

For centuries, the West experienced little change in the institution of marriage. Divorce, while accepted, was extremely rare. That all changed in the early 1900’s.

The Progressive Era and the introduction of atheistic Marxism in the early 1900’s led to rapid changes in marriage in the countries under the influence of the atheist communist Soviet empire. The same changes started to occur in the USA and Western Europe – albeit much more slowly. “Make no mistake” (G. Bush and Pres. Obama like that statement) the weakening of the marriage contract was planned by atheistic socialists and sold to you as modern and moral. Many Christians, yes possibly you, have atheistic Marxists beliefs about marriage in your head as you live in a culture that feeds on a steady diet of liberal ideology in our schools, music, movies, politics and news.

Living the Madison Ave and Hollywood Blvd. life will result in unfulfilled expectations, a greater chance of divorce, and ultimately bitterness. Liberals should come with their own warning labels written by Bonnie Tyler.

It’s a heartache, nothing but a heartache
Hits you when it’s too late, hits you when you’re down
It’s a fool’s game, nothing but a fool’s game
Standing in the cold rain, feeling like a clown
It’s a heartache, nothing but a heartache
Love until your arms break, then he lets you down
It ain’t right with love to share, when you find he doesn’t care – for you
It ain’t wise to need someone, as much as I depended on – you

Bonnie Tyler – It’s Heartache

As it has been stated many times before, “Just because you have no interest in politics, doesn’t mean politics isn’t interested in you.” If you struggle to accept these statements, then this book will help any historically-challenged soul.

Now for the past 50 years and for the first time in recorded human history, major nation-states have more than 30% of their young men and women being raised in broken homes not from war, but from choice.

So anyone who predicts a positive outcome to all this social engineering is foolhardy.  Massive nation-states are travelling uncharted societal waters. There are no lessons from history to guide us.

Now before you think, “oh, this is going to be a pro-Church book,” hold on. In the Middle Ages, nation states were weakened through constant war and pestilence. Filling this power vacuum was the Big Church.  The Big Church came to dominate the institution of marriage. As any self-respecting power-hungry organization knows, he who controls the children controls the future. The Big Church’s control involved preaching sex for propagation only, forbidding contraceptives, equating holiness with celibacy, and forbidding marriage even among Christians of different sects. All of these ideas were uniquely terrible and non-Biblical. They really took the Romance out of Marriage.

A Frenchman, a sociologist, a historian, and the author of Democracy in America Alexis de Tocqueville travelled America in the 1830’s and noticed the contrast between American marriages and our women as compared to European marriages and their women. He writes:

“There are people in Europe who, confounding together the different characteristics of the sexes, would make man and woman into beings not only equal but alike. They would give to both the same functions, impose on both the same duties, and grant to both the same rights; they would mix them in all things–their occupations, their pleasures, their business. It may readily be conceived that by thus attempting to make one sex equal to the other, both are degraded, and from so preposterous a medley of the works of nature nothing could ever result but weak men and dis-orderly women.

It is not thus that the Americans understand that species of democratic equality which may be established between the sexes. They admit that as nature has appointed such wide differences between the physical and moral constitution of man and woman, her manifest design was to give a distinct employment to their various faculties; and they hold that improvement does not consist in making beings so dissimilar do pretty nearly the same things, but in causing each of them to fulfill their respective tasks in the best possible manner. The Americans have applied to the sexes the great principle of political economy which governs the manufacturers of our age, by carefully dividing the duties of man from those of woman in order that the great work of society may be the better carried on.”

de Tocqueville concludes

“ and if I were asked, now that I am drawing to the close of this work, in which I have spoken of so many important things done by the Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply: To the superiority of their women.”

How far we have removed ourselves from the social structure that made America great! The change in social order sold as liberation, equality, and opportunity has led to the exact opposite. As evidence of this unhappiness middle-aged weak men and degraded women are committing suicide at higher rates. The rate of suicide of Americans in the prime of their life is up 30% since 1990!

Yet, we still parrot the liberal lie of identical sexes. We’ve allowed our women to be degraded. It is beyond disgusting that as of Jan 23, 2013 Sec. Leon Panetta under President Obama’s leadership formerly approved our women to be put in the front line of battle for liberal ideological reasons. While we honor heroes like Molly Pitcher and other strong women who threw themselves into battle in the hour of need – to institutionalize this practice finds the American male guilty of cowardice as a violation of one of our key roles as protector. You pathetic MEN! Do you expect your wife to defend your home? “Who hath bewitched you”, you ball-less wonders, you anti-heroes, you are worse than infidels. You Obama lovers – the quintessential androgynous male.