Notes from Republican Women Speech

By request: These are the expanded notes I used in my speech to the Tracy Republican Women on February 25, 2013.

Hi Ladies, thanks for having me here today. Today I want to talk about something I face all the time as a young conservative. Bullies. Not the playground type that run around beating up other kids. The adult type that use dirty, false and misleading tactics to silence opposition. Aka the left. The biggest culprit of modern-day bullying is the Obama Administration. I’ll give you an example so you understand exactly what it looks like.

“There will be pundits and politicians and special interest lobbyists, publicly warning of a tyrannical all-out assault on liberty. Not because that’s true, but because they want to gin up fear or higher ratings or revenue for themselves. And behind the scenes they’ll do everything they can to block any common sense reform and make sure nothing changes whatsoever.” – Obama

See how he assigns 2nd amendment supporters evil motives contrary to the evidence and makes them out to be paranoid and ridiculous? We all know that organizations like the NRA just want to protect our 2nd amendment rights. But Obama doesn’t want to have that conversation because if it’s based on fact, he will lose every single time. This is classic example of bullying. Ignore the facts demonize your opponent and play the victim. You might remember that later he trots out a bunch of kids to play the victim in his little gun control scheme.  There are lots more examples that I’ll get into a little later.

Ironically one of the Obama’s biggest social campaigns outside of Michelle’s eat tasteless food program is the anti-bullying campaign.  You might have seen the commercials that always end with Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t like bullying and there is nothing inherently wrong with this campaign. It’s just odd that they’ve launched this during a time when incidents of bullying are at an all time low and there is a heavy cultural trend of accepting everyone (except conservatives) for who they are. It doesn’t make sense in the real world, but politically it’s brilliant. Obama has set himself up as the face of anti-bullying so it lends him even more credibility to call the right a bunch of bullies.

This is what the left does. They refuse to talk about the issues, they bully the right, while playing the victim card all the while calling the right a bunch of bullies. And they get away with it. It works really well for them. So well, in fact, that they use this tactic pretty much always. I mean, when was the last time you heard a liberal argue for their policy based on its merits? It’s always oh look at these poor children that the Republicans want to go hungry or oh my gosh if we don’t keep spending trillions of dollars then a bunch of teachers will be fired. Seriously Obama said that about  the sequester. That funding for teachers, firemen and police would be threatened. Last time I checked there was no federal police force or teachers’ union. Those are state organizations.

Conversely conservatives hardly ever bully and we always argue for our ideas based on their merits. Good for us right? Unfortunately, we get silenced by bullies all to often. It’s one of the reasons Romney lost the election in my opinion. Obama set him up as a horribly evil dude that straps dogs to the top of his car and fires people for fun. Romney set Obama up as a reasonable, good guy that just doesn’t know how to run a country very well. Now if an uninformed voter walks into this he’ll pick the reasonable incompetent over the evil dude every time  Romney didn’t call out Obama for his bullying, he played way too nice. The way to beat a bully is to punch back twice as hard. Romney passed up way too many opportunities to hammer Obama.

There are so many examples of leftist bullying that we hear all the time:

  • You didn’t vote for Obama so you’re a racist.
  • You don’t want to keep spending money we don’t have so you’re anti-teacher and poor people and probably an unpatriotic neo-nazi.
  • You support the second amendment so you’re anti-children and pro murder.
  • You’re pro traditional marriage so you’re anti gay.
  • You’re pro business so you hate the earth and probably man kind too.
  • You dislike taxes so you’re a greedy rich person.
  • You dislike Obamacare so you want children with cancer to die.
  • You’re pro-life so you’re anti-woman and are waging a war against them. **I wrote an article specifically about abortion bullies that you can read here.

I’m sure y’all can think of many many more. They don’t even make sense and none of them are even close to being true. But the left is so effective at messaging these things. Now you’ll see examples of bullying everywhere. Like literally everyday. You’re welcome.

This brings me to another point about how the left thinks institutionally. When the Obama administration/campaign decides they want to push a point to bully the right on, they call up their troops. They get the unions out to protest. They get the networks to cover the story. They get their Hollywood buddies to make a sleek commercial about it. Before you know it all of America has been told that Republicans are waging a war on women without any real evidence whatsoever. This is part of the problem we conservatives have. We think individually, which is great. But we need to be strategic about how we message so that we can defend and counter-attack the left just as effectively. This is why I love people like Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro and the Republicans in Texas. They are building organizations that will be able to accomplish this.

So now we can see the bullying what do we do about it? Don’t let them get away with it. Stop being so dang civil. We’re good people I know. But we have to stop pretending that the left is playing by the same rules that we are.  We have to punch back twice as hard. Here are 10 points I’ve stolen from Ben Shapiro’s speech at the Heritage Foundation to help you battle leftist bullies:

  1. Frame your opponent – Identify who they are. Don’t let them masquerade as objective when you know they are biased. If they are a liberal then establish that early on. Make sure your audience whether live or in a publication knows where the participants stand. If they’ve used bully tactics then call them out on it. Don’t let them get away with bullying. Don’t be rude but don’t hold back. Expose their tactics and their hypocrisy to your audience. 
  2. Frame the debate – Set up their philosophical inconsistencies and then exploit them. For example in the gun control debate right now, the left want to ban “assault-rifles” because they are “killing-machines.” At the same time the left still claims to respect the second amendment. So we have two philosophical inconsistencies here. How do you respect the 2nd amendment but still make laws that clearly infringe the right of the people to keep and bear arms? How would banning handguns infringe the 2nd amendment but banning types of rifles wouldn’t? Which leads to the second inconsistency. If you want to ban “assault” rifles because they’re killing-machines then why don’t you want to ban handguns? Every year there are only a few hundred murders committed with rifles while closer to 10,000 are committed with handguns. So is it about the constitution or isn’t it? Is is about murder rates or isn’t it? Define the debate and then hold them to it. 
  3. Don’t get sidetracked – Liberals love to randomly change the debate right in the thick of it if they feel like it’s heading somewhere they don’t like. We see this on the national scale all the time. If the economy is dragging then all the sudden Obama is talking about birth control. It happens in conversation too. I’m sure you’ve seen it. You’re in the middle of making a relevant point when all of a sudden the liberal offers some obscure anecdote that proves them right and they expect you to take them at their word and address their point. Don’t let them derail the debate. Bring them back to the point. If they refuse to stay focused then call them out for it. Another way the left likes to do this is rapidly changing attacks. They attack, you successfully defend, they ignore your point and immediately attack from a new angle. Bring them back to your point and make them squirm until they admit you were right.
  4. Don’t be intimidated – The left loves to intimidate and call names and berate. Don’t be intimidated by this. If you have the truth on your side and you effectively expose their tactics, there is a way you can come out on top almost every time. These hostile environments are opportunities to convince people. .
  5. Be fearless – This goes along with the previous point. Be on the offense. You have to know that you are a good person and be confident in the truth. Anticipate them calling you names so that you can come back at them offensively and expose them instead of reacting defensively. Attack them for their views. Once again, don’t be rude, but really go after what they claim to believe.
  6. If you don’t know something admit it – Liberals love to bring up out of the blue quotes, stats and stories in support of their points. They expect you to take them at their word and accept their bit of info as fact. There is no harm is saying “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’ll have to let me do some research and get back to you on that.” This makes you look reasonable and humble and prevents you from falling into what ever trap they are setting for you. If they keep pressing the issue they will look like a bully. 
  7. Don’t defend a position you don’t believe in – This is another favorite tactic of the left. In the middle of an argument they’ll randomly pull out a quote from Ronald Reagan or Abraham Lincoln that you’ve never heard of before and according to them is fully supports whatever their position on the issue is. The instinctual reaction is to sorta agree with this quote because it comes from a personal hero of yours. This is a trap. You are an individual and neither Reagan nor Lincoln is a god. The quote may be out of context or flat-out wrong or you may just disagree with that person on this issue. You don’t need to defend it. You won’t be a good spokesperson for a quote you’ve never heard of about an idea you don’t support. Just say you’ve never heard of it before and it doesn’t affect your stance on this issue. This immediately shuts down that line of attack.
  8. Let them have victories that don’t mean anything – Every now and then you’ll get a name or a stat slightly wrong or misspeak about something. Most often these little mistakes don’t affect your actual point but a liberal will still rake you over the coals for it. Let them. If you were wrong about something let them have their little victory. It doesn’t hold meaning and it won’t really affect the debate. It’s not a real win for them. It’s just superficial. It will make you look moderate and reasonable and they risk looking petty. 
  9. Reverse the polarity – As fast as possible. If you let the liberal control the conversation they will try to lead you into all of these traps. They expect you to sit there and passively let them ask you whatever horribly leading question they want while you do your best to defend yourself.  Take control of the conversation. Get on the offense. Start asking the tough questions and make them get defensive  Corner them and make them squirm for their position or their bias or their bullying. A great way to start this is by following steps 1 and 2. This immediately takes away their advantage and sets the tone for the debate. 
  10. Body language – This matters just as much, if not more than your spoken words. The right is historically terrible at this. We get on TV with a hostile host and we look like we’re in a war zone. All closed in looking like we’re expecting an attack. Relax. Look confident and calm and cheerful. This will help you achieve the image and the credibility you are trying to communicate with your words. This is especially effective in contrast with an opponent that has hostile body language. If you are planning on speaking regularly with an audience then it is definitely worthwhile to practice and train this skill. 

This is just a short summary of ways the left bullies and how to fight back. For more, buy Ben Shapiro’s book “Bullies.”

Don’t let them silence you. Fight back.

Charity McDonald

Ben Shapiro’s speech at the Heritage Foundation:

  • aPLWBinAK

    I read that as if I was listening to it being spoken to me….because you said it was a speech….and it’s awesome…outstanding. The Left and the Right, policies and beliefs aside, can be identified by their behavior(s). Conservatives believe in manners, mores, morals, and common courtesy. The Left….not so much…you’re correct, they’re bullies. This knowledge of the behaviors of the Left and Right, allows us to identify the faux Conservatives, who claim they are the TRUE Conservatives….but really aren’t. For instance, the RonPaulbots who in spite of thinking they are Constitutional purists but are actually Liberal/Anarchists, perpetuate a lot of the bullying behavior you described. But as annoying as the Paulbots can be, they don’t hold a candle to the sheer viciousness and mob mentality of the Palinbots. In fact, you exquisitely described them to a ‘T’. Palin was our most Liberal governor in living memory, but her hardcore supporters, known up here as ‘Palinbots’ before the rest of the country even knew her name, hold her up as the ultimate paragon of Conservatism. If one wants test this theory of behavior identifying faux Conservatives from real ones….they only need go to a site where the Palinbots hang out (The Right Scoop for example) and throw out a ‘fact’ about her…and then sit back and watch the fur fly as they attack you. cont…

    • aPLWBinAK

      cont… First they will start shrieking, and calling you names, first and foremost that you are a ‘hater’, they’ll call you a Liberal and all manner of other names. They’ll do the equivalent of online ‘high-fiving’ each other with their ‘likes’, and then there are those who are obviously paid Palintrolls, who will come in with the obligatory page-length cut-and-pasted list of ‘facts’, most of which are irrelevant even if they were true, but which are intended to put her in the best light. This is all done in a very vicious way. And then after all their hysterical screaming and name calling directed at the offender who had the temerity to use facts to show why Sarah isn’t the Second Coming, they will, with that stunning irony that is an innate part of every Progressive or Palinbot, sit back and smugly announce that “YOU obviously have ‘PDS’, aka ‘Palin Derangment Syndrome’. An actuall conversation with these people is 100% pointless because they are insane, which is why up here we just ignore them…

  • aPLWBinAK

    cherpers 5pts
    12 minutes ago
    @DonnyBlackmore @OliviaHT @cherpers @Orangeone You know I’m really disappointed in yall. I thought my fellow conservatives would have enough honor to abstain from name calling and character assassination. I thought yall would want to have debates framed in the truth using facts. But apparently this is not the case. If someone disagrees with you, you abandon truth and facts and resort to name calling, false accusations and derision. It’s sad. I can take it but if another 21yr old person got on here and respectfully, disagreed and you treated them this way, you would leave them with some seriously negative opinions of conservatives. I expected better from yall. ……..yes Dear, that WAS/is me over there :-)….I am in your corner, and trying to help you, but am stymied by the weird machintions of that livefyre system..I got one reply back to one of ’em…other replies disappeared

    • Charity

      Thanks so much! I really appreciate the support. I’m not a fan of the new comment system. I’m sure the scoop has his reasons but I wish he’d go back to disqus.

      You know I used to think conservatives were all independent thinkers across the board. Maybe that was naivety. I’m starting to realize even some of our own don’t have critical thinking capabilities and use liberal tactics.

      • aPLWBinAK

        “I’m starting to realize even some of our own don’t have critical thinking capabilities and use liberal tactics.”……….to that I would refer you back to those 2 comments above from 2 months ago. Liberal’s don’t have critical thinking skills, but operate on emotion, and ‘use liberal tactics’. Most of the commentors at the Scoop are dyed-in-the-wool Palinbots, so they are Liberal minded….like Palin (seriously). They operate solely on emotion, and facts drive them nuts because facts interfere with their emotional worship of her cult of personality….that’s why they attack you there when you post cogent thoughts, and refuse to get hysterical like they do. If you ever comment factually there on a Palin thread…..the treatment you’ve got from them on the Rubio threads will seem all warm and huggy compared to ferocity they’ll unleash on you for daring to bring facts into a Palin thread…

      • aPLWBinAK

        Not every single commentor there is a Palinbot, there are few who are capable of actuall critical thinking. After you left, last night one called ‘White531′ showed up, read the thread, and was entirely puzzled as why on earth you were so baselessly attacked…..I replied to him, and he seemed satisfied with my answer. The hypocrisy of Liberal’s never fails to to appall a thinking person. Not only are most there fine with you being attacked, but were entirely hypocritical in their anger that you would dare defend yourself. I noticed the ducky edited words out of 2 of your comments, but the left the exact same words in the comments of her fellow Palin worshippers, if those words are directed at you… double standard there! :-) Your comments there are appreciated by the few who can think (like white531)….but for the rest….your intelligent words are but pearls cast before swine. Keep up the good work…and when attacked, just remember Liberal’s are cowards, that’s why they attack you in a pack….when one starts, then more chime in….it just means you scare’em because you’re smart and retain your poise (they hate that :-)

        • Charity

          Ha good to know. I’ll stay away from the palin feeds.