Out-of-Wedlock Birth

Single artificial insemination

The practice of artificial insemination for single moms should be banned as it is a form of child abuse. Enough with societal experimentation on innocent children. Seeing octomoms on welfare is sickening. Celebrity single women who have and adopt children as upscale pets is grotesque.

Out-of-Wedlock Birth

Legalized Abortion was sold to the American public as a way to reduce out-of-wedlock births. Source: New York City: The Day, Oct 11, 1972 “liberalized abortion has helped … reduce the number of out-of-wedlock births for the first time since officials began keeping such records 18 years ago.” Apparently, they declared victory a little too early because here are the statistics.

In 1965, 26% of black babies were born out-of-wedlock and 3.1% of white babies.  

In 1990, 64% of black babies were born out-of-wedlock and 18% of white babies.

In 2012, 78% of black babies were born out-of-wedlock and 29% of white babies.

Source: Child Trends

Even with the wide availability of birth control and abortion, the percentage of out-of-wedlock birth continues to skyrocket.

Jennifer was pregnant with our first child when she was 19. Because she was young we were given the option of participating in a “Lamaze” class for teenage mothers. A Lamaze class teaches new parents about the stages of pregnancy, what to expect during the final months of pregnancy and delivery, and natural techniques to control pain during delivery. When the time comes, take the class as it is very useful.

I don’t remember the exact number of couples in the class but I think it was around 15 when the class started. At the first class most expectant mothers were accompanied by their boyfriends. The young fathers talked about how committed they were to the relationship and excited to be a father. But as the birth time approached one-by-one the boyfriends stopped attending class and were not heard from again. By the end of the class, only 2 or 3 young fathers kept their commitment. Our instructor said it was sad but typical.