Republican vs. Democrat Homicide

In The American Engineer’s continued research into homicide and mass killing in America, it is hard to escape the fact that the overwhelming majority of homicides occur in the same locations and that these locations have been run by Democrats for generations. So TAE took the voter registration % of Republicans and Democrats and compared it to the homicide rate in each California County with the exception of LA County.  Since LA County is so large (~25% of the state) we broke it down into individual cities.

Our research shows that if you want to improve your odds of not being a victim of a homicide, then you should move to an area with high Republican registration.  

In fact

  • Every California County or LA County city with a total Republican registration that reaches 25% of the population has a low homicide rate.
  • Our research proves that more Republicans STRONGLY correlates to a peaceful neighborhood.
  • In fact, just 11% of the population registering Republican correlates to a greatly reduced crime rate.




Now for a contrast let’s look at the same data for Democrats.  The graph below clearly shows that the greater the number of Democrats registered in a California County or LA County City the greater the Homicide rate. We don’t need gun control, we need Democrat Control — 5 day waiting periods before people are allowed to register as Democrats, more Democrat Safes (we call those jails), background checks for Democratic Politicians like Barack Obama :-)  — yes it is sarcasm, but the scientific data that says Democrats are far more dangerous unfortunately, is not.


For those wanting a copy of the Excel File of the source data – please email

Data was compiled from the LA Times, State and Local Voter Registar’s offices, and California States Department of Justice Crime Statistics.