The American Engineer is releasing a database of 300 mass school and public venue killings over the past 100 years.  The list is by no means complete, but in our research following the Sandy Hook shooting we were having a tough time finding a single database of worldwide mass killings. Rather than wait many months for a more complete list – we decided to release the raw Excel file today to aid in research.  We’ll try to have a release each week.  Also, not all columns are not correct as the database grew in both length and columns as more events were uncovered.  We’ll continue to clean it over time.  Every time we look for more events they are easy to find so we suspect this list will grow by 10x.  I stopped the research for a while because it is very depressing reading the stories.  Some of the stories are so beyond horrible that even a death penalty doesn’t seem to be justice enough … I’ve not listed the details in most cases.  Deaths in some major genocide events have not been included yet – due to the number of events – we’ll try to get those later.

A couple of trends do pop out when reviewing the data – some are a little surprising, but most are not.

  1. Governments and their political opponents are by far the worst killers of school age children. Although their actions are the worst in terms of numbers they are far more infrequent and are often associated with a larger conflict.
  2. Mentally disturbed people as expected are a problem.  The most recent wave of killers have usually been influenced by death metal music and anti-Christian rhetoric.  It is common for the friends and relatives to discuss the odd behavior of the killer using words like “quiet”, “strange”, “dark”, etc.
  3. Killers come from across the racial spectrum.  Asians, Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics have all participated in mass murdering.
  4. Most killers are male as expected.  A surprising numbers of killers either worked in government or if younger their parents worked in government.
  5. Serial killers prefer strangulation, poison and other non-kinetic forms of killing.  Whereas Mass killers on single day shootings have preferred guns, dynamite, truck bombs, etc.
  6. Gang violence deaths and injuries are far more numerous than mass shooting death and injury.
  7. Copycat crime is a serious issue.  The violent mentally ill or just pure evil folks often admire other killers or seek the same publicity.  This is especially noticeable in the Chinese school attacks.  It is unfortunately unusual for a famous US serial killer or US mass murderer to not be copied within five years.

Here is the Mass killings List Rev1.0 list in Microsoft Excel format.

John McDonald