Happy New Year: It’s Time to Default

We need to start calling our politicians what they are. 89 of our US Senators are the the worst form of thieves as they steal from the young and helpless. Even among normal thieves there is an honor code. We all know what happens to those criminals who engaged in child abuse once behind bars. Unfortunately, the “me, my, I” generation thinks only for themselves and so spends our country into oblivion with the promise that those under 35 will pay the bills.

Well starting from today, MH Reporter is going to campaign for a selective default. It is immoral to expect a son to pay the debts of a drunken father. It is immoral to require children to pay the gambling debts of a mother. It is immoral to expect a future generation to pay back our debts – when our debts do not benefit them. If our debts pay for bridges, roads, dams, power plants, irrigation systems, research etc. then the benefits last longer than our lifetime. Only then sould future generations be obligated to pay. However, today’s financial child molesters in the Senate, led by Harry Reid (D) and Mitch McConnell (R), have decided yet again that stealing from the future and spending more money on today is the best path forward.

It is one thing to complain about the situation and it probably is too late to save us from a severe down turn in our standard of living.  So what to do …  :-)? Well stay tuned in 2013 – MH Reporter has some fun things planned.

Happy New Year and expect the Dow to have a good opening day in the New Year … as the Big US Corporations who are highly dependent on US Government spending get to breath a sigh of relief.  God forbid we would expect them to compete in the open market for private contracts.

John McDonald

  • http://www.facebook.com/checool60s Gino Castillo

    Pointing out what I think is a typo “should future generations have to pay.” You can delete this comment if you would like. This was a good article though! I totally agree!