Part 1: Plantation America and the Fiscal Cliff compromise

Right on cue –

Plantation Master Obama and the Republicans overseers are announcing the framework on the fiscal cliff deal. It is going down just as MH Reporter predicted: these overseer politicians don’t even bother to update their script from one political fight to the next.

1. Middle Class taxes are not going up because the economy needs some consumption to even maintain the -1 to -2% growth rate we are currently experiencing. Yes, I know Masta’ says our growth is positive, but that is because Masta’ cooks the numbers so we all think he is doing a great job. If our Plantation Master really thought we had any excess money, then Plantation taxes would be going up.

2. Social Security taxes will be restored from 4.2% to 6.2%. This the real middle class tax increase and naturally, neither Plantation Party is talking about it. In fact, they are talking about a Social Security benefit cut … LOL, to distract from the restoration of the Social Security tax hike that will hit most Americans. Sarcastically “Wow, We Plantation masters compromised by not cutting your serf benefits.”  Few American Plantation Slaves (that would be you and me) have an any idea that Social Security is the worst investment serfs can make in our serf lifetimes. Social Security yields a return of near 0% for the average American over a 40 year working career. Who benefits from all that money flowing into Washington DC ?

  • #1 Loudoun County, VA is the richest county in the USA, where is it — outside of Washington DC with $119K in average income.  LOL, they still don’t make what our local MHCSD overseer manager’s make.
  • #2 Fairfax County, VA — just outside of Washington DC with $106K average income
  • #3 Arlington County, VA — just outside of Washington DC with $101K average income
  • #5 Howard County, MD — just outside of Washington DC with $99K average income
  • #7 Prince William County, VA — just outside of Washington DC with $95K average income
  • #8 Fauquier County, VA — just outside of Washington DC with $94K average income
  • #10 Montgomery County, MD — Just outside of Washington DC with $93K average income
  • #11 Charles County, MD  — Just outside of Washington DC with $92K average income

Source: 2011 Washington Post Data from the US Census.

And in the middle of all that wealth is the Big White Plantation House. How ironic! But they want you to remember; they are just poor public servants dedicating their life to helping you. :-))

3. Just as MH Reporter predicted:  Chained CPI is still in the mix. What a wonderful word – “Chained CPI” and yes Republicans are pushing it and Plantation Master Obama is warming to it. “Chained CPI” or, in other words, the US Government is going to chain your Social Security benefits to an understated inflation metric so every year the purchasing power of your benefits will be less. Plantation overseer Newt Gingrich came up with this idea a long time ago and it passed. Even today, inflation is under-reported so our Masters can slowly cut the growth of benefits while inflating growth statistics. Plantation Master Obama understands that debt serfs are not smart enough with their plantation school educations to figure out something as complicated as “Chained CPI.”  And if for some crazy reason the serfs do figure out they are being screwed, then the distraction of trumped up news story usually does the trick. The story will have Plantation Master coming to the rescue as the only person smart, caring, or capable enough to keep America safe – usually accompanied by photo ops and a few billion in freshly printed Plantation bucks thrown around. Even Plantation overseers like Chris Christy who speaks the language of us serfs, cannot resist Plantation TV and Plantation Masta’s bucks.

Of course, we wouldn’t have to beg for the scraps from Masta’s table if we didn’t put this program in the hands of government overseers to start with. It is smart to have a mandatory retirement system, but it is dumber than a box of rocks to put it in the hands of a bunch of power hungry elected overseers.

The reason Washington is going to put this additional 2% tax hike on everyone is:  Social Security’s financial health is built on this  47% increase in tax – otherwise we will spend all of 2013 discussing the upcoming bankruptcy of Social Security. Social Security used to take in a lot more money then it paid out – so politicians naturally used that money to hide the real deficit. Well since Social Security is not taking in more than paying out, it must now stand on it’s own. Part of being a good Plantation Master is creating conflict among the slaves. Meanwhile Plantation Master sucks up all available money, prints more money, gives out low interest Plantation loans driving up costs, and writes Plantation rules that ensure there is no challenge to the Plantation machine. There is nothing like a lot of debt to keep a slave working hard.

3. Obamacare taxes will start working (or failing). Our medical devices, etc. will be getting more expensive. Naturally, it won’t be a direct tax. Let’s face it:  covering millions of addicts, obese, and gang members who currently can’t get insurance is not cheap. The price of Obamacare has already risen by hundreds of billions since passage :-). You’d have to be a completely ignorant of history to believe that any US Government program is going to stay in budget. Now, you know why Plantation Master Obama sleeps so well at night. He knows his plantation schools will never teach the real history of freedom as they are even more dependent on his largess than the millions of debt slaves they are supposed to teach.

Obama is not going to let his signature piece of Plantation Marxism from his first term die so quickly. He knows that once people get dependent on this latest entitlement, no matter how awful the health care, people will forever expect “free” healthcare.  I remember my one interaction with Canadian Universal Healthcare in Vancouver, BC – the hospital room was like stepping back to the 1950’s. Thankfully it will take a few decades for our hospitals to look decades old.  Also, those of us who can afford it will be able to fly to regions of the world that still value free markets to get treated properly.

FYI – Marxist used to demand that food become universal as there is no greater human right than the access to food and water. The problem with this “human right” is that when stupid Marxist’s ideas are applied to food and water, it only takes a year or two before a famine hits. Marxists killed millions in the Ukraine, China, and North Korea in Universal Food and Single-payer Food plans. So Marxists have decided to focus on less dramatic “rights” like healthcare to work their selfish desires on taking what they have not earned.

4. The Medicare reimbursement of 30% to Doctor’s will not go through. Currently Doctor’s are still too financially independent to continue to support Medicare with a 30% cut in their payments. However, threatening them every few years with massive cuts is good politics for both overseer parties. Obamacare will finally bring the doctors into American serfdom after which significant cuts will go through.

5. Taxes will be going up on the highly productive serfs. Taxes will not be going up on the rich Plantation masters. Highly productive serfs are competition to Plantation Masters and must be brought low. RICH is not how much you have earned in a year. RICH is having excess assets. Yet in all the Plantation schools, we are only taught that high income = rich.