The Marriage Contract

Legal Marriage Benefits?

I’ve often heard from liberal gay activists how unfair it is that heterosexual couples have all these legal marriage benefits that are denied to gays. After 23 years of marriage responsibilities as a husband and father, I was still trying to figure out what they meant.

Did they mean the marriage benefit of losing half your stuff if you cheat? Did they mean the benefit of having to pay the credit card bills of a financially out-of-control spouse? Did they mean being legally responsible for your juvenile delinquents? Confused, I turned to gay activists’ websites to find out what great legal benefits I had that was being denied them.

Here is what the liberal gay activists’ website state as “marriage benefits:”

Federal Employees are offered time off for the birth of their child: They want this spousal benefit even though gays can’t biologically be parents.

File Joint Tax Returns: The joint tax return was developed because a mother staying at home and raising the children is not earning a wage so there isn’t much point in having mom put in a separate return. Filing a joint tax return with two incomes is about the same difficulty as filing two separate returns. So one of the big benefits they want is about one hour of tax preparation effort per year.

Medicare, Social Security, Disability, and Veteran’s benefits: These benefits were constructed because the society has viewed being a stay-at-home-mom as an unpaid and valuable profession. If a woman works outside the home or is in the military, her benefits apply in full, married or not. A gay man does not need these benefits because he is presumably working and will have full benefits anyway. A stay-at-home-gay man doesn’t make economic sense.

Special visas and citizenship benefits offered to foreign spouses, discounted rates for family auto, health, and homeowners insurance: This is a bogus issue. Gays can buy life insurance and name the beneficiary. There are gay insurance agents catering to gay people. Most health care plans are corporate group plans. The family plans are usually more expensive, not cheaper, for two people because they assume two or more children.

“Marriage benefits” as presented by gay marriage activists are contrived.  The marriage contract is about RESPONSIBILITIES, not RIGHTS for the couple, to the benefit of the wife and, most importantly, the children.

What’s in the Marriage Contract?

The term of a marriage contract is for life.

The reason for a term of life is because a child is an 18 year commitment and with multiple children the commitment lasts far longer.

Furthermore, it is not biologically easy for a woman to avoid giving up a significant portion career if she chooses to have children. Thus, the marriage contract extends beyond the child-rearing years because it is economically fair that a mother continues to be supported for her economic sacrifice. “Easy” shameless divorce allows men to have an easy exit from their economic responsibility after the children leave the home.

A marriage contract continues in force despite health, emotional, and adverse financial conditions.

Children don’t disappear when negative health, emotional or financial conditions appear so the marriage contract is not cancelled for negative life circumstances.

A marriage contract allows a childless couple to adopt.

A marriage contract ensures legal paternity. Any child born to a married woman is the legal and financial responsibility of her husband.

A marriage contract conveys inheritance rights and extended family support. A woman and her children are given rights to the property of her husband in the event he dies. Grandparents, aunts, uncles are morally obligated to support the marriage and the children. The relatives are given first priority in adoption in the event of the death or unfitness of the parents.