Tip 15 | Women and Wine

One curse that especially affects us men is other women and wine, sometimes its wine and women. Many men lose their wife, their family, their job, their home, and their reputation on the issue of other women and wine (or any other illicit drug).

Being involved in international business for decades I know whereof I speak and, without overly dwelling on it, there were numerous times where women showed up at my hotel room door sometimes pre-paid sometimes not. There were parties with hostess woman as the norm, and where women seek marriage for a green card. Now add alcohol and weeks alone travelling into this mix, it quickly becomes immoral and dangerous. The more valuable your position, the more valuable the contracts you make decisions on, the more incentive for others to give opportunities for you to morally compromise and the more arrogant you may become leaving you blinded to the risk of moral compromise.

Now many jobs require extensive travel. I’ve found that it is helpful to establish Christian friends where ever you regularly travel.