Tip 7 | A Bed of Roses or Thorns?

The home should be a place of refuge, a safe harbor, a castle. Is your home a statement about wealth, fashion, or your ability to go into debt? Or is your home a statement as to what is truly important in life? Does God’s creation and science surround you or are you surrounded by a fake Hollywood creation? Is home a place where your spouse can relax after a long day? Can your children and their friends have fun or is the condition of the carpet and expensive furniture too important? Are pets welcomed? Is your home a place where guests feel comfortable? Is it overly dirty or artificial?

Even more important than the physical home  is the attitude of home. Where ever my awesome wife is – is where home is.

Is home a place with a friendly greeting, a warm embrace, a kind touch, a hot meal, free from whiny critical comments?

It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman and in a wide house. Proverbs 25:24

My awesome wife takes the time to make sure my house is not overly feminized. With four girls she still makes sure that the TV channel gets changed from TLC’s “What Not to Wear”,”Say Yes to the Dress,” or “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant”(<– hey you were totally fascinated by the episode with the twins -CM), to the History Channel, Pawn Stars, or Deadliest Catch when I come home.

She thinks about not making me go to bed in some big floral arraignment with 14 pillows and keeps our room appropriately balanced.  I’ll admit I did take my male stuff too far.  Jennifer painted our Woodinville House kitchen with baby blue with puffy clouds (a.k.a. sponge painting style from the 90’s). So I put up some inspiring paintings of WWII fighter planes shooting down various Axis aircraft among her kitchen clouds. After a few weeks they disappeared and I still don’t know what’s become of those masterpieces.

A little off topic, but my awesome wife even knows how to drive a tractor. During my congressional campaign the other candidate was making a point about how much of a “farmer” he was. It was so much fun pointing out that my wife had spent more time on a tractor than he had.