What is Marriage?

On a radio talk show the other day, I heard a gay activist saying “How can you prevent me my right to love another person?” in response to his support of Gay Marriage.

From a secular perspective Marriage is NOT the right to love.

Notice how these activists appeal to love, but from an evolutionary basis love is a chemical reaction that has evolved because it is beneficial to the passing along of genetic material. How does a court control a hormonal reaction? How is a court supposed to grant a right to love? Is pretending that a marriage exists between two gays going to create love or change the expression of love?

What they are seeking is something that they cannot be granted by the court. What they need is Real Love, the Living Water, and the Gospel – the Love that no court can grant. Jesus died for a gay person every bit as much as he died for me or any other sinner.  Ironically, it wasn’t a gay that the Bible uses to show how far the love of God extends to the lost – it was a tax collector. J

Every person on earth has a right to love and be loved – no one has a moral right to prevent love. The political left often changes the meaning of words in order to win debates and they have done this extensively in their effort to destroy marriage.

Marriage is a legal CONTRACT that your community, your church, your family, and you should want to have in place before engaging in sex with a member of the opposite sex.

Why should there be a contract in place before engaging in sex with a member of the opposite sex?  Answer: Sex may result in conception of a baby. A baby is, at minimum, an 18-year commitment to provide food, clothing, shelter, and education. In 2009 the USDA estimated it costs between $11,650 to $13,530 each year to raise a middle class child in the USA.[1]

When you loan money for a new $20,000 car – you sign a contract and documents that are often ¼” thick.  When buying a $200,000 home you sign contracts and documents that are at least ½” thick covering every detail of the home, property, and home loan.  In business virtually every transaction has a legal contract.

A baby being a significant financial and time commitment – requires a marriage contract that outlines the responsibility of the couple.

Gay “sex” cannot result in a baby, thus there is no need for a marriage contract.

It is really that simple.