What’s more dangerous a Democrat or an Assault Weapon?

There are about 4M Assault Weapons in America. Assault weapons are rarely used to commit crimes because frankly they are big and easily noticed. It is hard to mug someone or to sneak into a 7-11 or Bank with an “Assault Weapon.”  There are many studies that show less than 3% of guns taken from criminals are assault style weapons and another study says that these weapons are just 1.7% of all guns in America.

The FBI reports that the total number of murders committed with rifles in 2011 is 323. A subset of rifles is the assault rifle … so the number of assault rifle deaths is quite low in a population of over 305,000,000 Americans.  For the sake of argument, let’s assume that 50% of the rifle deaths are due to assault rifles or 162.

So there is a 0.004% chance of being killed by an assault rifle this next year.

Let’s take the top 18 counties and/or cities in California with greater than 30% of the population registered as Democrats – this equals 3.5M people – not too far from how many assault weapons in the USA.

297 people were murdered in these California locations.

Thus the average person walking around in a heavily Democrat area is MORE than twice as likely to kill you as compared to an assault rifle. Democrats are more dangerous than assault weapons.


The data and locations.

3518024 297.3 0.0085%
West Hollywood
Santa Monica
Culver City
San Joaquin
Signal Hill
Pico Rivera
South Pasadena
Santa Fe Springs