House Fiscal Cliff Debate

Watching the Fiscal Cliff Debate on C-SPAN.

Remember every time the Republicans and Democrats have compromised in recent memory the American People get screwed. The leadership of these parties are all about what benefits Government and their jobs.  When they say, American People … they mean people who earn a profit off of government.  Politics today is not Republican vs. Democrats >> it is a bloated government sector vs. a suffering private sector.

Democrat after Democrat speaking in support of the McConnell Tax Increase.  They talk about how this tax increase will helping the American People and American Businesses, etc. Here are some of the key points:

  • The big tax increase is the increase of the Social Security Tax from 4.2% to 6.2% on all workers.
  • Doctor’s will not have their Medicare reimbursements cut 30%.  This raises the cost of Obamacare big time.
  • Those making $400K will have their income taxes go up
  • Adjusts AMT for inflation — NOW remember they are also going to seriously fudge the inflation rate calculation so this is NOT an AMT fix.
  • The Republican leadership threw out the only victory that Tea Party Republicans won in the debt ceiling debate.  Therefore, no spending cuts will go through.  Government will continue to grow which is already over 40% of the US economy.

Steny Hoyer (D) Maryland admits that most people don’t know what going over the cliff means.  He now goes on repeating the lie that taxes are not being raised on the middle class. Look at your paycheck in January.  It will be 2% less and then ask yourself in the Democrat tell the truth.

James Clyburn (D) says that “the rich paying their fair share will grow the economy”.  Really? It would interesting to hear from this economic genius how rich paying taxes will grow an economy.

Finally a Republican

Ed Royce (R-CA) is talking about the high cost of entitlements.  Ed Royce lies about the effect of the AMT Tax.

Dave Camp (R-MI) talking but not about this bill. :-) He talks about the need to lower taxes, but calls this McConnell tax increase bill a good first step.  This guy needs to see a logic doctor to help with his broken thinking.  He is the last guy to talk before vote.

The McConnell Tax Bill appears to be well on its way to passage. Because of heavy Democrat support, many Republicans will be able to vote no and hope Conservative voters don’t notice all their other Big Government and destroy America votes.